The Empty Factory
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Did you missss me?
|Yesss, d-did you..?|
datobiscotti whispered:
Oh come on now! As nice as that would be, I think we could control ourselves until you got some decent sleep UvU I'll make you dinner and we can snuggle OvO

Eeheehee. That sounds just looovely.

pickupler whispered:
*Kisses his cheek and pulls him close* Hey there beautiful~

Ah..~! Hellooo, dearest.


greedlr whispered:
You can't even maintain one little factory? Pathetic_

Oh, shut uuup, you sentient pile of scrap.

It’s not falling aparrrt due to neglect. It shouldn’t be falling apart at allll, at least not for another couple of decades.


datobiscotti whispered:
You can always come to my house for sleepover if you're having troubles getting enough rest <:'3

Mmm.. but then there won’t be much sleeeeping~ Hee hee.

datobiscotti whispered:
Are you gonna be okay here, kiddo? Things aren't looking too good for your factory <:I

A-ah.. I don’t.. really knowww, dearest.

I don’t think it will compleeetely collapse anytime soon, but.. the sounds are just a bit jaaarring.

Anonymous whispered:
*puts some ear plugs and warm milk by his bed to try and help him sleep* :c

[He chuckles a bit and just pulls the anon close, giving them a little cheek smooch of gratitude.]

[The factory seems to groan and creak more than it used to.]

[Perhaps a side-effect of the curse being ‘lifted’ — or the Lorax trying to urge Creep to leave. Or both.

It doesn’t do much other than keep the poor man awake at night, though.]

datobiscotti whispered:
\O///v///O/ wowie wow wow wow wow *covers you in smooches*



datobiscotti whispered:
I will make nachos for you sometime, bro, I am the very best.

This is why we are bessst friends.

Anonymous whispered:
How do you make poor nacho dip isn't it just melted cheese

Excuuuse you.

It needs a bit of salllsa.